These are the works that were used for the information of this site. Unless otherwise specified, the author is always J. R. R. Tolkien. For references to specific samples of Tengwar, I usually employ the Mellonath Daeron Index of Tengwar Specimina.

Sarati Specimina

All Sarati documents that are publicly available have been published in two issues of the journal Parma Eldalamberon. On this site I frequently refer to specific Sarati texts by their abbreviations in these publications. For convenience, I here give the list of these specimina as published (with shelf-marks for items in the Bodleian Library, Oxford).

In Parma Eldalamberon 13

In Parma Eldalamberon 15

In The History of The Hobbit


Aside from these, there are two more known specimina of the Sarati: