Here can be found links to other sites on the World Wide Web that provide original content on the writing systems of Aman.

The links were last verified on 2023-05-26.

Basic information

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Full Tengwar Modes for Modern English - An Analysis
This article compares the various full modes of Tolkien for English, in PDF format. To this belongs a summary table of the full modes.
The Letters of Middle-earth
A nice introduction to the Tengwar and Cirth, in PDF format.
The Mellonath Daeron Index of Tengwar Specimina
A work in progress to index all existing samples of Tengwar.
Numerals (a PostScript file)
This file summarizes just about everything we know about the Tengwar numerals. It fits well onto one page.
Rúmilian Numerals
A thorough analysis of the different numeral systems used with the Sarati, and how they may reflect the Elvish ideas on counting. (Formerly available as a PDF in the Lambengolmor archives.)
Tengwar Feanora: alfabet elfów i ludzi
A good Polish site about the Tengwar and its history.
Guides for Tengwar and Runes
Simplified guides of how to write with Tengwar in different languages. Include exercises! Also features a description of the runes used in The Hobbit.
Tengwar und ihre Verwendung
A German site with a wealth of (if my rusty German is any judge) well-written Tengwar information.

Amanye Tenceli translations

Note! I do not take responsibility for the quality of the translations. Furthermore, the content on these translations may be based on older versions of Amanye Tenceli, and thus not reflect the current texts of the site.

Amanye Tenceli - I Sistemi di Scrittura di Aman
A mirror in Italian.
Amanye Tenceli - Les Systèmes d’écriture d’Aman
A French mirror.
Les systèmes d’écriture
French translations of most of the pages on this site. The translated pages are found under the headings Sarati and Tengwar.

Fonts and utilities

Free Tengwar Font Project
“The Free Tengwar Font Project aims at developing a family of general purpose fonts that cover J. R. R. Tolkien’s tengwar script and that are compatible with the Unicode standard. Additional aims are tools and documentation for the use of such fonts.” This site is the new home of the font Tengwar Telcontar.
An online utility for transcription into Tengwar and Sarati, capable of handling multiple languages, modes and fonts.
An online Tengwar transcriber with many interesting features. Try writing “one ring”!
Tengwar Annatar
A beautiful freeware font family, consisting of four Tengwar fonts. (No longer to be found in one “official” location, but available at various font web sites.)
Tengwar encoding and design
Johan Winge’s blog about Tengwar fonts and Tengwar in Unicode.
Tengwar Cursive
A nice freeware Tengwar font, based on the ring-inscription style.
Tengwar Formal
A good-looking freeware font based on the formal book-hand.
Tengwar Teleri
Something as unusual as a “fantasy” Tengwar font, where the tengwar look like swans.


The Lord of the Rings: Calligraphy
The home page of Daniel Reeve, the creator of calligraphy, maps and related works for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies directed by Peter Jackson. Many works of great skill and beauty can be found here.
Gwaith-i-Phethdain: Elvish Calligraphy
A collection of Tengwar and Sarati calligraphy, mostly of high quality.
Leonid Korablev’s Tolkien Picture Gallery
Leonid Korablev is a skilled artist, and many of his Tolkien-inspired works contain Tengwar inscriptions in Quenya.
Mellonath Daeron: Tengwar Transcriptions and Calligraphy
Pictures of colourful Tengwar calligraphy, by various artists.
A fragment of the Valaquenta in archaic Quenya by Ryszard Derdzinski, tentatively transcribed in the Sarati (based on our knowledge of the script when only TPF had been published).


Not really about Tengwar or Sarati, but a venerable source on the Internet regarding most aspects of Tolkien’s invented languages.
Though it is titled “Eldamo - An Elvish Lexicon”, Paul Strack’s web site contains a wealth of information regarding the words, grammar, phonology and etymology of Tolkien’s languages – not just the Elvish ones.
Sarati Rúmilo Quenyava
Ryszard Derdzinski’s speculative proposal of how the Sarati might be used in Quenya (based on our knowledge of the script when only TPF had been published).

Modern Tengwar modes

Deutscher Tengwar Modus
A thorough description of a German Tengwar mode.
Suomen kirjoittaminen tengwarilla
A Finnish Tengwar mode by Harri Perälä and Juho Pahajoki, here described in Finnish. An English summary is available.
Тенгвар для русского языка
A detailed description of a Russian Tengwar mode, available in Russian and English.