Here are a few things that I have created. They are all freeware, which means you don’t have to pay anything for them, but I still hold the copyright. You can distribute them freely, but not sell them. You may not alter or modify these files in any way. Now, go ahead and try them out!

Tengwar Eldamar
A Tengwar font in the Eldamar font family.
Sarati Eldamar
A full-fledged Sarati font in the Eldamar font family.
Valmaric Eldamar
A font in the Eldamar font family for the Valmaric script, which was a conceptional forerunner of the Tengwar.
Tengwar Parmaite
A Tengwar font in Windows TrueType format.
Tirion Sarati
An experimental TrueType font for the Sarati.
The Tengwar Scribe
A Windows utility for transcribing Roman letters into Tengwar using Daniel Smith’s fonts.
The Amanye Tenceli web site (~ 2.1 MB)
Download the whole site (except the other downloads in this section) as a zip file for quick offline browsing on your hard disk. Especially handy for those with a dial-up connection.