Here are listed all significant updates to this site since its inception. Minor changes of little significance to the content may be passed over silently.


The description of the Later Convention has been extended and updated based on feedback.


Added a description of the “later or Westron convention, in its northern variety”. Various additions and updates have also been made on the Tengwar Modes page.


Made a slight addition to the discussion of the letter umbar in Tengwar Names. Also expanded the introduction the description of Black Speech Tengar.


Added a description of the General Use for Black Speech. This is the first article to use SVG graphics instead of GIF files! The design of the website has also been slightly updated.


Added a link to a Russian Tengwar mode.


The description of the Classical Mode has been updated to reflect the new information provided by OP.


The typography and structure of the FAQ page has been improved. I also added a link to J.‘Mach’ Wust’s Tengwar Blog.


Reinstated the link to the transcription utility YaTT.


Added links to J.‘Mach’ Wust’s Free Tengwar Font Project, and to Johan Winge’s Tengwar encoding and design blog.


Revised the article on Tengwar Punctuation, and made a few small adjustments to the description of the Quenya Usage.


We celebrate the tenth birthday of Amanye Tenceli with a new Sarati description: the Quenya Usage.


As of today version 3 of the font Tengwar Eldamar is available. Expect a new site update on April 3.


Amanye Tenceli turns ten! To celebrate, I have added a description of Tengwar punctuation. More will be added as the birthday, April 3, approaches. The graphics and design of the site have also been improved.

I have also added a link to French translations of some articles treating the Sarati.


Made minor improvements to spelling and layout on the site, and updated the Links page.


Version 2 of the font Tengwar Eldamar has been released.


Added a link to the French translation of Amanye Tenceli on Ambar Eldaron.


Made some small improvements to the description of the Phonetic Form of the Sarati. Notably, the large consonant table in that article has been divided into several smaller tables.


Happy winter holidays! The new font Tengwar Eldamar has been released. Also, version 2 of Sarati Eldamar is now online.


Because of a recently published Tengwar sample, the lists of samples have been updated in the Tengwar Modes page and several of its sub-pages.


Added a link to the Tengwar font site Las Tengwar de Fëanor, redirected the link to Dan Smith’s Fantasy Fonts, and removed the link to Náremarde - Articles from Amanye Tenceli which is no longer available.


A link has been added to the German site Die Schriftzeichen der Elben. Also, the transcription tool YaTT seems sadly to have vanished from the Web, but I have redirected its link to point to the MacOS application YaTT Lite.


Added a description of the Phonetic Form of the Sarati. I have also made minor emendations to the Sarati overview.


A link has been added to the Mellonath Daeron page containing Tengwar Transcriptions and Calligraphy. I also made a small correction to the Sarati overview: in figure 1 I removed the voiceless nasals, since they didn’t belong there.


Added a link to the home page of Daniel Reeve, the artist that created the calligraphy for the Lord of the Rings movies.


Made some slight clarifications and improvements of wording to the Sarati overview.


The font Valmaric Eldamar version 1 is now released!


Beta 2 of the font Valmaric Eldamar is now released. Version 1.0 is scheduled for April 10.


A couple of slight reference updates have been made to the Tengwar Modes section, in view of new Tengwar texts that have recently surfaced (DTS 66, 67, 68).


Made a slight structural revision of the text Tengwar - General Use: English.


The first beta of a new font, Valmaric Eldamar, is now available for downloading. To complete the Eldamar font family, work has begun on a Tengwar font in the same style.


Added one question (and answer) on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Corrected a reference to DTS 15 in the Tengwar Modes page: it is not Old English, but Old Norse (or possibly modern Norwegian), as discussed on the ElfScript list last week.

Also, upon request, I have made the whole Amanye Tenceli site available as a zip file from the Downloads page. This zip will always contain the latest version of the site.


Added a link to Helios De Rosario Martinez’ interesting study of Rúmilian Numerals.


Correction! My earlier statement on the links page that Tengwar Telcontar is the first Unicode font to support Tengwar is wrong. As Johan Winge himself points out on his site, the Unicode font Code2000 supports Tengwar. However, that font is based on a much older proposal for the Tengwar encoding, and typographically it can’t compete with Johan Winge’s creation.


Added a link to Johan Winge’s exquisite font Tengwar Telcontar, the first to make use of the evolving Unicode proposal.


The font Sarati Eldamar version 1 is released!


The overview of the Tengwar and the description of the General Use have been heavily revised. I extend my thanks to J. “Mach” Wust for his detailed and very helpful criticism of these two texts. The description of English writing with the General Use has been moved to a separate page.


I have added a link to a page describing an Arabic Tengwar mode. Also, a slight error in the Sarati Overview has been corrected (two sarati listed earlier in figure 1 are not used consistently, and have been removed from the figure).


I have added a description of the General Use to the Tengwar Modes section. Language-specific information is for now only included for English. In addition, the overview description of the Tengwar has been heavily revised, and the Sarati description has been slightly emended.

The Links section has been cleansed of dead links, and a link to Johan Winge’s font Tengwar Naive has been added.


From now on, Amanye Tenceli will be perpetually available at the adress http://at.mansbjorkman.net. This url will always redirect to the most current location.


Sarati Eldamar beta 3 has been released.


The article Tengwar Names has been updated and corrected according to the new information published in ACE. The Mode of Beleriand article has also been updated.


Added J. ‘Mach’ Wust’s keyboard reference for Mac OS X to the Tengwar Parmaite page.


Sarati Eldamar beta 2 has been released.


The Alt font included with Tengwar Parmaite has been revised to include the letter Vaiya. Sorry, folks!


Released version 2 of the font Tengwar Parmaite.


Made a few improvements and additions to the article about The Classical Mode, notably a comment on the use of umbar for b.


Made the Sarati font Sarati Eldamar beta 1 available for download. Try it out, and send your comments and suggestions to me!


Added the Norwegian mirror of Amanye Tenceli to the Links page. Also corrected a number of minor errors (including the sarat shown for g in the Late Form).


Reinstated the link to the moved web site Tengwar Modes by Melroch.


Major update! The description of the Sarati has been revised and heavily expanded. Smaller corrections and improvements have been made throughout the site, and the site design has been slightly altered. Various dead links have been removed, and links to the following fonts have been added: Tengwar Elfica, Tengwar Hereno, and Tengwar Teleri.

Finally, Amanye Tenceli has now moved to the advertising-free mirror adress: http://w1.860.comhem.se/~u86023928/at/.


Being very busy these days, I have very little time to spend on Amanye Tenceli. I have found that I am unable to keep the list of downloadable TengScribe modes up-to-date. Therefore, I have created a Yahoo! group called tengscribe, where everyone can upload their Tengwar modes as they wish. If you think you have a better solution to my problem, please tell me.

I have also added a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Not very interesting questions, I’m afraid, but there it is.


Due to an editorial error, a draft version of my Sarati article has been online for some time. The correct version of the article is now restored, with a slightly updated note just above the first table.


Added links to two great new Tengwar fonts: Tengwar Annatar and Tengwar Formal.

An advertising-free mirror of Amanye Tenceli is now available, at http://w1.860.comhem.se/~u86023928/at/. For the time being I will keep both addresses up-to-date.


The classification of the Tengwar modes has been reconsidered. On the TengScribe page, I have added a Gaelic and another Italian mode for download. A link has been added to Ronald Kyrmse’s analysis of Full Tengwar Modes for Modern English. Also various minor updates have been done throughout the site.


Added a link to Yehuda Ronen’s Hebrew Articles from Amanye Tenceli. Links to descriptions of Scottish Gaelic and Welsh modes have also been added. Lastly, I have overcome my hesitation and added a link to a site that has little to do with writing systems, but is indispensible nonetheless: Helge Fauskanger’s Ardalambion.


German Day! Alexander Scheumann’s German TengScribe mode is avaliable for download. Another Deutscher Tengwar Modus has been created by Christian Thalmann.


A link has been added to Paolo Astorri’s Italian mirror site. Also published a new Tengwar mode for French on the TengScribe page.


Removed the link to TengWeb, which has ceased to exist. Luckily another transcription tool, the online Tengwar Transcriber, has emerged to fill the gap.


Added René Vega’s TengScribe adoption of the Gondorian Tengwar mode for Sindarin to the TengScribe page.


Several new sites have been added to the Links page, heading Modern Tengwar Modes.


Amanye Tenceli turns three! We celebrate with new revisions of the two fonts, Tengwar Parmaite and Tirion Sarati.


The fonts Tirion Sarati and Tengwar Parmaite are now revised to permit embedding. They are also encoded as symbol fonts, to solve a problem with Word 2000 reported by Per Lindberg.


The Esperanto TengScribe Tengwar modes by Jim Wisniewski have been updated.


I have added a section about labialized sounds to the article on the mode of Beleriand.


A new English Tengwar mode (English 2002) by the persevering Brendan Gordon is now available for download from the TengScribe page.


Created a link to a Portugese translation of Amanye Tenceli on Dúvendor. Also updated Brendan Gordon’ Italian Tengwar mode on the TengScribe page.


A list of Tengwar modes and a description of the Sindarin mode of Beleriand have been uploaded. I have also altered the text at the bottom of the start page with regard to Parma Eldalamberon #13, which arrived four days ago.


Alassea Vinya Loa! Happy New Year! I have uploaded the Tengwar article The Quenya Mode, hopefully the first in a suite of articles describing the known Tengwar modes. Note that I intend to treat punctuation in a separate article.


Merya Turuhalme! Merry Christmas! The page Ceske tengwar has unfortunately been removed, and so has my link to the page. On another note, I have added a link to the Tengwar transcription tool YaTT.


Made Jim Wisniewski’s Esperanto Tengwar modes available for download from the TengScribe page.


Rearranged the Links page and added a number of links: two to Gwaith-i-Phethdain, namely to the Calligraphy section, and to a document on Sarati for Quenya. Links were also added to descriptions of Tengwar modes for Czech as well as Lojban and Esperanto.


Version 1.2 of Tengwar Parmaite has been uploaded, featuring improved kerning of some character pairs.


Added a link to the Rúmilian document Oath of the Fëanor’s Sons.


Added a link to the article Writing With Elvish Fonts on Harri Perälä’s web site. I also made Michal Swiatkiewicz’ Polish Tengwar mode available from the TengScribe page.


Replaced the link to Quenya Tengwainen with a unitary link to all the Tengwar Primers.


The article Tengwar Names is now published. A link has been added to the Polish site Tengwar Feanora. Also, the downloads are now working again!


Because of a server update, all ZIP files are temporarily unavailable. On behalf of Passagen I apologize for the inconvenience.


Thanks to Daniel Smith, the documentation for Tengwar Parmaite is now available in Adobe Acrobat format.


My Tengwar font Tengwar Parmaite is now available for downloading.


Added a link to The Letters of Middle-earth.


Amanye Tenceli has moved! The new URL is http://hem.passagen.se/mansb/at. I also made some tweaks to the page design.

I also added a long overdue link to Harri Perälä’s Tengwar font Tengwar Cursive.


Reinstated the Haldailin link — the page had quietly been moved. Also updated Erskin Meldrew’s e-mail adress on the TengScribe page.


Removed the link to Haldailin -- The Tengwar, which has ceased to exist. Also corrected some minor visual flaws.


Added a link to the Tengwar section of Angasúle’s Haldailin page.


Added Sebastian Basten’s German Tengwar mode to the TengScribe page.


There is now a Mode Checklist for everyone interested in creating Tengwar modes for the TengScribe.


Added a link to the mailing-list ElfScript, where the Tengwar Unicode proposal is presently under discussion.


Amanye Tenceli celebrates its first anniversary with two new TengScribe modes: one for Portugese, and one for Klingon! Also, a link to Ryszard Derdzinski’s Rúmilian Valaquenta fragment has been added.


Made Brendan Gordon’s Italian Tengwar mode available on the TengScribe page.


A link has been added to Leonid Korablev’s Tolkien Picture Gallery. I also removed the link to Martin Kutschker’s The Fëanorian Letters which, sadly, seems to have disappeared.


Those of you with an interest in web technology may notice that the site has been upgraded to comply with the W3C’s XHTML 1.0 recommendation. If you experience any problems with the site because of this, let me know.


My Tengwar manuscript Man Cenuva Fána Cirya can now be seen at the Tengwar Illuminations page. Several miniscule corrections have also been made.


Made some minor corrections, and added a link to the paper Quenya Tengwainen.


Added two Spanish Tengwar modes by Angasúle to the TengScribe page.


Merry Christmas! The graphics in the Sarati and Tengwar articles have been improved, some links have been redirected, and minor corrections have been made all over the site.


Added my Tengwar manuscript Ilu Ilúvatar En Káre to the Tengwar Illuminations page.


TengScribe version 1.1, with a few minor bug corrections, is now available on the TengScribe page.


For some reason the Mode Editor update failed. Now, version 1.5 is available, really!


Version 1.5 of the Mode Editor, and an extended Quenya Mode (also included in the TengScribe download), are now available for download from the TengScribe page.


A few minor corrections in the Sarati and Tengwar tables.


Published three of Per Lindberg’s Tengwar Illuminations: Anga, Elbereth Gilthoniel and Namárie.


Major update!


Amanya Tenceli — The Writing Systems of Aman goes online!