The Tengwar Scribe version 1.1

This is a Windows 95+/NT 4+ utility for those Tengwar fonts that use the key mapping invented by Daniel S. Smith. It allows you to write text in Roman letters (the ones most Europeans and Americans use), select a Tengwar mode, and have the text transcribed to Tengwar. There is also a Tengwar Mode Editor, which allows you to edit the existing modes, or create all new modes.

Note that some of your system files may be updated, if the files included with these installations are newer than the ones already on your system.


A large collection of Tengwar modes, both based on Tolkien and new inventions, are available for download at the Yahoo! group tengscribe. If you have created a Tengwar mode that you wish to share, go there and upload it for all to use.

Before you upload you mode, it might be a good idea to validate it against the Mode Checklist.