Mode Checklist

For apocryphal TengScribe modes

Before uploading a mode that you have created for the Tengwar Scribe, make sure you have validated it against the following list. That way, everyone using your mode will enjoy it much more.

  1. Does your mode transcribe all letters permitted in the language(s) for which it is intended? Take special care to support unusual ortographic variants, such as (for English) “æsthetic”, “rôle”.
  2. You should support at least the following punctuation: period . comma , colon : semicolon ; exclamation mark ! question mark ?. Others, such as dashes and quotes, are strongly encouraged. And don’t forget the space character!
  3. Although numbers are a special case in Tengwar, you should include basic transliteration of numerals.
  4. Does your mode follow Tengwar conventions to the extent you want? For instance, it is common for the first column in the Tengwar table to be reserved for dentals, the second for labials etc. Of course, you might come up with a very good reason to break as many Tengwar conventions as possible.
  5. Test the mode thoroughly, and let others (native to the language in question) test it, if possible. Try to transcribe authentic texts, the longer the better. Have the settings Alert and Transcribe as [...] turned on in the TengScribe preferences (see Edit|Preferences... in the menu).

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